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The academic curriculum at the RGS has the following aims:

  • to develop a questioning, energetic, imaginative, logical and informed mind;
  • to help boys use language effectively and creatively;
  • to provide the mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge and skills which are considered necessary in a fast-changing world;
  • to foster an appreciation of human aspirations and achievements;
  • to promote an informed awareness, both of moral values and of the spiritual dimension of life;
  • to encourage self-expression and to provide opportunities for active responses to aesthetic experience;
  • to enable boys to play a full part in the community through the acquisition of a range of social skills;
  • to develop a good level of physical and manipulative competence linked with a healthy understanding of the human body.
  • to develop within the boys the habits of mind necessary to enable each boy to become an outstanding learner; the RGS Learning Habits are outlined below:

Engagement with Learning

Engagement with Learning 
Love of Learning I enjoy learning for its own sake
Tenacity I am able to respond positively to challenges and persist when I have setbacks and disappointments
Precision I take care to understand tasks and complete them to a high standard
Creativity I am able to be imaginative, creative and/or original when I am learning

Learning with Others

Learning with Others 
Teamwork I am able to collaborate as part of a team with others
Engagement I am an active participant in learning, asking and answering questions and listening to others
Imitation I am good at noticing and able to learn from what others do well
Perspective I am aware and take responsibility for my well-being and that of others


Summarising I am able to look back at what I have done, picking out key points, summarising, distilling and memorising
Reasoning I am able to adopt a rational approach and can draw conclusions from accepted truths or evidence
Linking I am able to apply my skills and knowledge across subjects and in unfamiliar situations
Criticality I am willing and able to test claims of 'truth'

Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibilities
Reflection I seek out feedback on my work and use it to evaluate and improve my learning
Organising I am able to manage my time and resources effectively
Independence I am an active learner, able to take the initiative and plan my learning; I am self-motivated and take pride in, and responsibility for, my work
Practice I practise to improve my learning
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